How we work

If you are a leader, or a rising new talent, looking to advance your career, chances are that you have been approached by us or one of our competitors.

You will have noticed that not all executive search firms are the same.

Changing jobs is a major event in one’s life and quite often it also impacts the people around us.

We are committed to helping you along the recruitment process with our experience and expertise. We pride ourselves in being able to have substantive conversations about your experience, the challenges of the roles we are recruiting for, provide transparent feedback and follow-up.

We measure our success by your success.

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The roles we recruit for

Our assignments are for roles where the best candidate is harder to find and where the potential impact of success or failure is greatest. Heads of departments, directors, general managers VPs, deep functional experts are typically the kinds of roles for which clients ask us to recruit for them.


We cover most functional areas, with the exception of IT.


We only work on an exclusive basis for our clients.
As a candidate, this means that your information will be held in the strictest confidence. It will only be disclosed to a hiring organization with your agreement.

Our relationship

Like any relationship, it is important to look at what we have in common. If the roles we work on match with your background, then the probability that we are relevant to each other is higher.

From our side, we maintain contact with the marketplace. We want to understand what is happening in major companies and stay aware of shifts in trends. Share your knowledge and we will share ours. Hopefully, we can make suggestions or provide you with information that will assist your networking and career management.

The process

After we have established a first contact, we share a role profile with you. The role profile provides with an as complete as possible view of the organization and role we are recruiting for.

If you are interested in this career opportunity, the next step is to submit your CV via this link which includes your agreement that we can store and process your personal information as well as pass it on to our clients for recruitment purposes. See our privacy policies here.

After we have reviewed your CV, we will get back in touch to cover several basic details. Typically, we get back to you within a couple of days to discuss the next steps.

The next step will be an interview with one of our consultants, in which we go into depth about the role, your experiences and ambitions. We will see together whether there is a good fit.

After we have established there is a good fit, your CV and other details will be presented to the client. After a discussion with the client, a final shortlist of the best fitting candidates will be established.

Typically, the first contact with the client is with a video conference interview of about 30 minutes with the line manager. This is a first “get-to-know-you” interview. This interview is then typically followed-up with video and face-to-face interviews, usually in three, sometimes more rounds, depending on the availability of all the stakeholders.
During the interviews you will meet the line manager, HR, as well as other stakeholders. The final interview will be with the most senior stakeholder.
Over the course of this process step, we will be by your side with briefings and debriefings to help you through the process.

Around the time of the final interview, we will ask you for references with whom we will follow-up and report our findings to the client. At the end of the process we will assess publicly accessible information on social media about you. We will only report information that is relevant and proportionate for the role.
In addition, to the references, we will ask for copies of the relevant diplomas / certificates etc.

While we discuss compensation with you during the earlier stages of the process, we will ask for a more detailed description of your recent compensation and benefits towards the end of the process. This can be a complicated topic in particular when relocation or expatriation is involved.

After the final interview, and the review of the references, the client makes a hiring decision, and they start preparing an employment offer. The offer is usually time-bound.
After acceptance of the offer, a start date is established, and both the client and you will start preparing for your start in your new role. We will accompany both parties to ensure a successful start.

We will follow-up with you on regular intervals to ensure that you have the support you need to settle in to your new role. After all, we measure our success by your success.

Submitting your CV

If you are interested in discussing a next step in your career, please start by submitting some basic information and your CV to us here