We work with an agile inspired process to deliver our executive search projects faster and be able to adapt to changing needs

Our clients need solutions fast, and they need to able to change course mid-project while still maintaining the timing. This requires a different approach than the sequential steps in which a traditional executive search process is organized.

We have taken inspiration from the agile methodology to develop a proprietary executive search process that leverages proven tools like “sprint” and “kanban boards”.
Salomons & Partners - Our Agile process

It is possible to have both speed and quality in an executive search process.

The reason we are convinced is that we are organized differently; we work on fewer projects simultaneously so that we can give your project the dedicated focus it needs to progress quickly.

We are focused on our true value-add: understanding your needs and finding and convincing excellent candidates.

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We work on fewer simultaneous projects so that we can give your project more dedicated attention

Your benefits

  • More focused attention
  • Closer collaboration
  • See qualified candidates earlier
  • Start interviewing earlier
  • Shorter time to hire
  • Adaptable to change
  • Transparency
  • Accountability


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