Questions to ask

There are a lot of executive search firms with different services, structures and ways of working.
The offer is diverse and can seem intransparent, yet all firms serve a set of clients satisfactorily.

As your company is unique in it’s way of operating and its requirements, how do you know whether the search firm your are selecting for your project is the right one? We recommend that you ask the following quesions:


  • Who will be handling which aspects of your project; Researcher / Associate or Partner?
  • Who do they have off-limits with (company’s they cannot recruit from)

How many

  • How many projects are the Researchers / Associates / Partners handling at the same time ?
  • How many researchers are working on your project?
  • How many candidates will you engage with?

How long

  • How long is your average time to shortlist ?
  • How long is your average time to hire ?

How much

  • Will you invoice me before I see some results ?
  • What will it cost, everything included ?

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