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Recently Completed Projects

Region Director North and Central Europe

One of our clients was restructuring their route-to-market in a number of markets in Europe. This was accompanied with an organizational change in which the European markets were split between own-subsidiaries and distributor markets. To manage the distributor markets and one subsidiary thei new role was created. The placement was based in a market where the client did not have a subsidiary. One of our payrolling partners was able to…

VP Communications

One of our Wealth Management clients was looking for a VP Communications. The role required fluency in English and German as well as know-how of the regulatory environment. They were looking for a roll-up-the-sleeves kind of personality. The candidate was placed in 9 weeks.

Senior Group Communications Manager

A mid-sized FMCG Client was looking to fill a position in their Group Comms team for a Senior manager who is well-versed in Financial communications. The person in this role will work closely with the CEO, CFO and IR team to tell the story of the Client’s financial results. The role is based in the German speaking part of Switzerland. Placement in 10 weeks.

Group FP&A Manager

A Pharma SME was looking to implement SAP across multiple sites in Switzerland and abroad. The project was challenging in that the department the organizational change that came with the implementation had not been well digested by everyone on the team. The brief called for a subject matter expert with experience in change management and an empathetic personality. Placement in 12 weeks.

ESG Communications Manager

Privately owned SME in the Beverage category was looking for a ESG communications manager. The Client had fallen behind the market in their outreach, while having great progress in sustainability. With new reporting regulations coming into place, there was an urgency to fill this position. The winning candidate emerged in the second week of the search.

Global Customer Development Director – FMCG

The Client faced a challenge in optimizing the return of the counterparts obtained in negotiations with global retailers. The role required a specialist in this area, who in addition could be the thought leader for the key account community. This was a Global search which included relocation.

Latest news

FMCG GM Landscape 2024 for Switzerland

As an executive search firm with a focus on FMCG, we are often involved in the recruitment of General Managers and their direct reports for the Swiss market. Recently, we conducted an analysis to provide a factual base for discussions about GM succession and the assessment of talent. This analysis revealed several conclusions that are relevant for retention, succession planning and recruitment. The key conclusions are: The functional background is…

Our view on the use of AI for our work

We have started to work with AI and are following the latest developments closely.  Since our systems are built on Microsoft’s technologies, we have access to a number of AI services, some of which we employ. To-date we use AI supported search functions to help us find people and organizations in our database, we use it for simple analytical tasks, and to simplify data-entry. So-far we have seen benefits in…

The limitations of diversity criteria for an executive search project

Most of our clients seek more diverse perspectives at the executive level, with the understanding that inclusive leadership drives innovation, enhances decision-making, and fosters a more vibrant organizational culture. Yet, despite their growing emphasis there are some practical limitations that need to be considered, one of the most significant being the availability of diverse talent. Despite efforts to widen the talent pool, many industries still face a shortage of diverse…
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