FMCG GM Landscape 2024 for Switzerland

As an executive search firm with a focus on FMCG, we are often involved in the recruitment of General Managers and their direct reports for the Swiss market.

Recently, we conducted an analysis to provide a factual base for discussions about GM succession and the assessment of talent. This analysis revealed several conclusions that are relevant for retention, succession planning and recruitment.

The key conclusions are:

  • The functional background is pre-dominantly Sales, followed by Marketing. While Marketing Directors who became General Managers did so almost exclusively through internal promotion, Sales Directors promoted to a GM position were commonly hired from outside the company.

Functional background of FMCG GMs in Switzerland in 2024

  • Gender diversity is low; only 18% of General Managers are women. The situation is not different for “first-time” GMs, suggesting that gender diversity of this group will not be shifting in the near future. Based on this study, international companies seem to be ahead of Swiss-owned businesses in this regard.

Gender diversity of FMCG GMs in Switzerland in 2024

50% of GMs have been in the role for less than three years. We also were surprised by the high rate of turnover, which seems to be highest with international companies.

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