The limitations of diversity criteria for an executive search project

Limitations of diversity for executive search projects

Most of our clients seek more diverse perspectives at the executive level, with the understanding that inclusive leadership drives innovation, enhances decision-making, and fosters a more vibrant organizational culture.

Yet, despite their growing emphasis there are some practical limitations that need to be considered, one of the most significant being the availability of diverse talent.

Despite efforts to widen the talent pool, many industries still face a shortage of diverse candidates at the executive level.

In a recent project, the department for which we recruited was 100% female, and there was a strong preference for a male hire, while the candidate pool was 71% female.

By segmenting the candidate pool by industry, we found significant differences between industries, which then oriented our research to unearth more male candidates.

Ultimately, a male candidate was placed in 63 calendar days.

Our ability to use data to inform our projects made the difference in this case.